Well, we are 1 month into 2017.  Time certainly flies.  Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are enjoying the year, so far.  

My husband and I traveled up to Edwards, NY, the day after Christmas, to visit his family until after the New Year.  It was magical, as always.  Found several... ok, a lot... of future Bits & Bobs in the local antique shops.  Since our return, I have been trying to get my studio organized, list things on Etsy, rework my web site and other social media platforms, and booking some shows. February is going to be chock full (visit the events section for all the shows).  Trying to organize a trunk show at a local florist, for March... hope it works out. I'll let you know ;)

We are signed up for another Texas Renaissance Festival season... The 2017 season will include an extra weekend (9 weekends total) added to the beginning... we will start the weekend of September 29th/October 30th.  We, also, received confirmation that we will be able to keep our location.... we will be adding a cedar shake roof to the shop.  This will reduce the concern of rain drenching my shop (my roof is a Sunbrella canvas, at the moment and is prone to leaking).  Stay tuned for progress photos :)

Well, I'm off to the studio to get some pieces made for all of the shows (check out where you can find me in the "Events" part of my web site.  I wish you all the best the New Year has to offer and I hope to see you at some of my shows. <3


Preparing for TRF 2016

14 days until opening day of the 2016 season at Texas Renaissance Festival!!!  Am I ready, you ask?  NOOOOOOO.  LOL!  But, I will make it happen.

Our shop was moved over one space and the Florence Market circle has changed to provide an open space behind the shops... My shoppe number is now F1... Due to the back of our shoppe being open to the patrons, we add an enclosed "back room" to store all the things that we don't want visible.  We started by thinking we would just cover the space with canvas tarps, but decided that it would not be waterproof enough.... soooo... I got the brilliant idea to find live edge cedar boards. Not an easy task... Not easy to find.  But, we found some!  In Bastrop, Texas, 2 hours from my house, at an awesome place called Wampler Manufacturing, LTD... family owned since 1963 and specializing in Eastern Red Cedar.  Great people and they can take care of all of your cedar needs.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram... I'll be hosting TRF ticket giveaways... and I'll be joining forces with my dear friend Jennifer, of Gypsy Wagon Art, at the Black Castle/Shoppe 418, for an awesome raffle (details soon!).  You can. also, sign up for my email newsletter on the home page of my web site.

I would like to take a moment to thank some fabulous people... First, my husband, Bryan.  Couldn't do this without you.  Jana, Bella Rossa Salon, for always making sure my hair looks amazing during the festival.  Vicente, Blackcrown, for always making sure all my design work (business cards, web site, banners, etc) looks spectacular!  Thank you!!!

See you at the Festival!  Weekends, October 8th - November 27th.  HUZZAH!  


The siding going up... not easy to do with boards that are not straight/square.

The siding going up... not easy to do with boards that are not straight/square.

We will be putting copper down the center to cover the seam. And, we'll be adding an old window to the opening. &nbsp;This weekend's chores ;)

We will be putting copper down the center to cover the seam. And, we'll be adding an old window to the opening.  This weekend's chores ;)

This guy... My husband. He made all my dreams and visions come true! &nbsp;Could not have done it without him. &nbsp;

This guy... My husband. He made all my dreams and visions come true!  Could not have done it without him.  

Tick Tock ~ Tick Tock

We are just shy of 2 months until the Ren Fest opens.... Holy crow! 
Good news! My booth plans have been approved... YAY!! I finally feel like I can move forward. I have picked out my canopy roof color and placed the order. The roof alone is $1000... yep... sigh. We will start building the booth this weekend... I will post a video or at least some photos as we go.

I've been doing shows here and there. They haven't been big money makers, but I'm having a great time talking to folks and sharing my work with them. I have a couple more shows booked, but will stop at the beginning of September in order to focus on the Festival.

There are so many more things that I still need... business cards, packaging supplies, business license (per Todd Mission, TX), wood for the build, paint for the deck, and most importantly supplies to make more Bits & Bobs. If you feel compelled, please visit my GoFundMe campaign (link below) and/or share it with your friends.  The photos show the awesome incentives available for your donations!

Please take a look at the updated donation incentives...  Photos posted above... The t-shirts and bags are going to be AMAZING!
You can always check out my Etsy page or my Facebook to shop or just to have a look around.


Thank you all, so much!



Time for an update...

We are getting down to the wire... 2 1/2 months until opening day of Ren Faire. WOW! Where is the time going????

A couple of weeks ago my husband, a couple of friends and I went out to my brother's property to cut some timber to build my booth. We are using ash trees for the support structure. It was a very hot and humid day... but very satisfying. Now, we wait for the timber to dry... Can't wait to start putting it all together.

I have changed up the incentives... I think they are much better. I will have some images of the tshirts and canvas bags soon. They are going to be AWESOME!  You can check them out here: http://www.gofundme.com/lr58sk

I have been busy doing a few shows the last couple of months... They haven't been very successful, but that's the way it goes... You never know.

I got all of my pieces listed in my Etsy shop... It seemed to take forever, but it is done.  You can check it out here: www.etsy.com/shop/LorrainesBitsAndBobs

Thanks, again!!

You like me... You really, really like me!

Earlier this year I was nominated for and won The Indies: 2015 Makers Awards for Best Jewelry Designer.  I am thrilled that I was even nominated in this category.... There are so many amazing jewelry designers out there.  What an honor and what a thrill.  You like me.... You really like me!  ;)  The "contest' was put on by Pop Shop America, owned and run by Brittany Bly.  Yesterday, I picked up my trophy at the Pop Shop Houston Summer Festival.  Thank you to all of you that voted for me.  <3  

the way to the RenFest

I took a chance.... I was told about a new area opening up in The Texas Renaissance Festival, called Old Florence Market.  With much encouragement from friends and family, I sent in my application and I was accepted to be a merchant at the 2015 Ren Fest!  How exciting!!!  And, daunting... While I am thrilled for this opportunity, I'm scared to death about having the money needed to really make it happen.  money for supplies to make products, cash wrap sundries, business cards, insurance, building my booth, etc... It's a lot when you don't have extra income.  But, if it's meant to be.... it shall be... right?


I truly am very excited about being a part of the largest Ren Fest in the USA... If you feel so inclined to help... I have set up a GoFundMe account with some pretty cool incentives.  Follow this link: gofund.me/lr58sk


More later :) 

Sunday Streets at Royal Oak

Sunday Streets is back for 2015 and it is hitting Westheimer!

Here at Royal Oak we are excited to bring back the parking lot pop up shop!
There will be food, drinks provided by Deep Eddy and Karbach Brewing Co. and incredible vendors such as...

Bravado Spice
Bits & Bobs
Caphin coffee 
Pink Cilantro
Salinas Salsa
Sam Wish

There will be music curated by Josh Dupont all day:
DJ timeslots: 
Josh Dupont 11-12pm
Dan Snow 12-1pm
Giovani 1-2pm
Sasha Braverman 2-3pm
Henry Chow 3-4pm
Bjorn Larsen 4-5pm
Markus Starkist 5-6pm
James Reed 6-7pm
Amanda Robinson 7-8pm
Oz da Funk 8-9pm
Mensh 9-10pm

All of Montrose is looking forward to a very exciting Sunday Funday with Sunday Streets!

Getting Started

Welcome!  I hope that you enjoy my web site and my work.  I love what I do and I certainly hope you do, too.

I'm not a web designer.... by any stretch of the imagination... and, Squarespace is *supposed* to make it all easier... So, let's give it the college try.  It is a little challenging, but I think I can make it work... To be honest... I certainly would rather be in the studio ;)