Sunday Streets at Royal Oak

Sunday Streets is back for 2015 and it is hitting Westheimer!

Here at Royal Oak we are excited to bring back the parking lot pop up shop!
There will be food, drinks provided by Deep Eddy and Karbach Brewing Co. and incredible vendors such as...

Bravado Spice
Bits & Bobs
Caphin coffee 
Pink Cilantro
Salinas Salsa
Sam Wish

There will be music curated by Josh Dupont all day:
DJ timeslots: 
Josh Dupont 11-12pm
Dan Snow 12-1pm
Giovani 1-2pm
Sasha Braverman 2-3pm
Henry Chow 3-4pm
Bjorn Larsen 4-5pm
Markus Starkist 5-6pm
James Reed 6-7pm
Amanda Robinson 7-8pm
Oz da Funk 8-9pm
Mensh 9-10pm

All of Montrose is looking forward to a very exciting Sunday Funday with Sunday Streets!