Tick Tock ~ Tick Tock

We are just shy of 2 months until the Ren Fest opens.... Holy crow! 
Good news! My booth plans have been approved... YAY!! I finally feel like I can move forward. I have picked out my canopy roof color and placed the order. The roof alone is $1000... yep... sigh. We will start building the booth this weekend... I will post a video or at least some photos as we go.

I've been doing shows here and there. They haven't been big money makers, but I'm having a great time talking to folks and sharing my work with them. I have a couple more shows booked, but will stop at the beginning of September in order to focus on the Festival.

There are so many more things that I still need... business cards, packaging supplies, business license (per Todd Mission, TX), wood for the build, paint for the deck, and most importantly supplies to make more Bits & Bobs. If you feel compelled, please visit my GoFundMe campaign (link below) and/or share it with your friends.  The photos show the awesome incentives available for your donations!

Please take a look at the updated donation incentives...  Photos posted above... The t-shirts and bags are going to be AMAZING!
You can always check out my Etsy page or my Facebook to shop or just to have a look around.


Thank you all, so much!